Who Is Our Ideal Client?

by | Jun 5, 2019

Since starting Howell & Hicks back in 2014, we’ve been really lucky to partner clients of all shapes and sizes across their branding and design projects. 
As a result, our working weeks can sometimes look a bit like this:
Monday – 6-page leaflet design for a multinational pharmaceutical company
Tuesday – can label and pump clip design for a delicious new craft beer
Wednesday – logo concepts for a new, local restaurant
Thursday – exhibition stand design for a business selling DIY products
Friday – social media graphics for a community start-up 
We love this variety though, and it certainly helps to keep us on our creative toes!
With 50+ years’ design industry experience between us, we’re now pretty good at understanding our clients businesses, plans and objectives, and equally good (we hope) at developing strong brands and effective designs that look great and work well in the ‘real world’.
So… if we’re happy turning our creative hands and brains to dramatically different design challenges every day. And we’re not restricted by the business sectors our clients operate in, how big they are, or where they’re located geographically, what DOES our ideal client look like?
Well it’s simple, really. It’s anyone that agrees with these five statements:
• It’s important for my business to look professional
• It’s important for my sales and marketing materials to look consistent
• Trying to design those things myself isn’t the best use of my time
• Working with professional designers will get better results for my business
• Professional design is worth investing in
So if this sounds like you, why not say ‘hello’?
After all, you’re our ideal client – and happy coincidences like this don’t happen every day, do they?!

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

Mother Theresa