Proud to be Produced in Kent Industry Partners

by | Jan 21, 2021

As Kent-based creatives with decades of design industry experience, we’ve worked with well-known names across sectors as diverse as Travel & Tourism, Health & Wellbeing, Transportation, Research, Finance and FMCG, and we’re lucky to count brilliant local food & drink businesses like Time & Tide Brewing, Tayberry Catering and The Meatball Company among our current clients.

We’ve been fans of Produced in Kent (PinK) since working on their very first range of ‘Kent Food Trail’ leaflets. So over a decade on, we’re excited about joining as an ‘Industry Partner’, and about collaborating with their members during 2021.

PinK is a trade organisation dedicated to supporting its 300+ strong membership of producers, retailers, hospitality and associate/service companies across ‘The Garden of England’, by bringing producers and the buying public closer together. They’ve been contributing to Kent’s economy for years, but the current business climate means their work (supporting and promoting) is even more vital and valuable.

Their core values are:

• A commitment to quality and provenance

• Respect and trust for one another

• Driving sector innovation and expertise

• Supporting commerciality

We’ve found the community spirit during the pandemic encouraging and genuinely inspiring, and during the first lockdown, we donated branding and design services to help launch Deal Delivers. It was great watching the scheme take off and seeing the participating businesses thrive during 2020, and we’re hopeful and confident that Pink will be an equally friendly, supportive and collaborative community.

It’s our belief that businesses that look unique, professional and consistent will always outperform ones that don’t. And that those businesses grow, both stronger AND longer, by developing memorable brands.

Customers and potential customers will actively seek out those strong, memorable brands by searching for ‘Kentish Pip’ instead of the sector-generic ‘Kent Cider’, or ‘The Ambrette’ instead of ‘Canterbury Restaurant’. And it’s that brand strength that lets businesses grow their market share over their competitors…while charging a price premium.


As part of our PinK membership, we’re offering other members a FREE Visual Brand Review – a one hour chat with four simple steps to a better-looking business future.

But our FREE Visual Brand Review isn’t a PinK exclusive.
If it’s of interest to your business, please call Jen on 07984 527686 or email to find out more.


“If you’re not a brand, you’re a commodity.”

Philip Kotler